Living with Leaf Spot

Living with Leaf Spot

Millions of Spores…

While we are busily tending to our early spring gardens, millions of fungal spores are all around us! During the spring months, these spores are eagerly awaiting a new host. Wind, rain, animals, watering your garden and moving plant debris all contribute to the transmission of the spores that cause leaf spot—meaning these easy to spread spores can and will make their way to your yard. The unattractive blotches that come with Leaf Spot Disease are the result of a fungal spore implanting itself into the leaf tissue. Unfortunately it’s impossible to reverse damage that’s already been done. However, there are simple, preventative steps that can be taken to help eliminate the occurrence of leaf spot in the future!

What is Leaf Spot Disease?

Leaf spot is a common term used to describe a number of fungal diseases that can negatively impact the foliage of many trees and shrubs. While the majority of leaf spot cases are fungal, it is worth noting that some instances of leaf spot disease can be bacterial.

The most obvious symptom of leaf diseases are brownish, tan, or black spots that are found on the infected plant’s foliage. Over time these spots may combine to form large, unsightly blotches or cause leaves to turn yellow and drop. An established plant may be able to tolerate any defoliation caused by leaf disease, but the stress this causes to a plant will weaken its ability to protect against secondary invaders such as insects, or other plant diseases. New plantings are especially susceptible to the stresses that defoliation causes, and are at higher risk of suffering secondary damage.

In order to prevent leaf disease, Arborscapes offers foliar spray treatments that create a protective barrier that inhibits spore implantation. By gaining control early, the likelihood of your trees and shrubs contracting leaf spot disease is diminished! Struggling with leaf diseases at your property? Contact us today to set up an appointment with a Consulting Arborist!