What Do You Need to Know About Mulch?

Spring is right around the corner, the mulch yards and nurseries are fully stocked and you see the landscapers and your neighbors mulching away.  But have you ever questioned what you should know Read More

Know Your Pests: Japanese Beetles

  Before we know it, the growing season for 2020 will be upon us. With the warmer weather will come, as always, pests in the urban landscape that can cause damage to your valued trees and Read More

Winter Pruning 101

As the Fall season starts to near its end, the dormant season approaches, along with a new opportunity to care for your trees and shrubs: winter pruning.   Many people are often surprised to Read More

The Value of Winter Inspections

As the growing season winds down, our arborists begin to look toward the dormant season. Contrary to popular belief, the dormant season isn’t a time when we slow down. It is a time when we take Read More

Beat the Heat – Prevent Wood Boring Insect Infestations

The recent dry, hot spell of weather this summer has put trees under a much greater amount of stress than usual. Trees in a stress state are much more attractive to wood boring insects, such as Read More

Crape Myrtle Decline

What is Going On with Our Crape Myrtles? The winter of 2018 was unusually cold and harsh on many of our plants and trees, in the Central Virginia area. Unfortunately, this included a large number Read More

Tree of the Month- The Devil’s Tree

In honor of Halloween, this October’s tree of the month is a sinister looking tree located in the vicinity of Bernards Township, New Jersey. Local legends surrounding this tree are full of Read More

Tree of the Month- The Tree of Life

What’s approximately 400 years old, stands in the middle of the Desert, but has abundant green leaves? If you said the Tree of Life, you’d be right! The ‘Tree of Life’ is actually a species of Read More

Tree of the Month- The Bristlecone Pine

The Bristlecone Pine is a highly resilient species with a long lifespan. Broadly referring to what is actually three different species, Bristlecone Pines all thrive in harsh environments with Read More

Tree of the Month- The Sunland Baobab

Most of us have felt inclined at one point or another to grab a nice cold drink, and relax beneath a tree—but what about having a nice cold drink INSIDE a tree? If you ever had the chance to Read More