What Is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care is a holistic, proactive approach to caring for your valued trees and shrubs.

Arborscapes’ Approach to Plant Health Care

Arborscapes is committed to providing our clients with the highest level of care while reducing our impact on the environment.

Trees and shrubs in the landscape face many unique challenges that affect their health, beauty, and longevity. Some are obvious, while others may be a little harder to detect. We understand the various stress factors, common and uncommon, for the trees and shrubs throughout Richmond. Using the most current research, methods, and products, we work collectively as a team combining each other’s knowledge, expertise, and observations in the field to care for our client’s properties.

With a philosophy of 100% more knowledge and 90% fewer chemicals, we will provide recommendations and a plan to help ensure that your trees and shrubs will be around for generations to come.

Why Choose Arborscapes to Keep Your Trees and Shrubs Healthy

Pest and disease issues that affect your trees and shrubs can be difficult to detect and manage unless you know exactly what to look for. At Arborscapes we work collectively as a team building on each other’s knowledge and experience.

We take a scientific approach to plant health care, as mother nature doesn’t follow a specific set of rules or dates in a calendar. We keep annual historic data to predict upcoming outbreaks, and track trends in weather patterns to calculate growing degree days that make the timing of our treatments align with the biology of the targeted pest, resulting in more effective control and a lot less chemical application.

Our Plant Health Care Team is not only passionate about keeping your trees and shrubs as healthy as possible, we are environmentally conscious as well- taking care to treat for the right pest, at the right time, with the safest products.

Guardian Program

The Arborscapes Guardian Plant Health Care Program is different than traditional programs. We take a targeted approach and do not believe in treating all of your plants each visit. Your technician will inspect specific plants on your property based on the time of year and potential for insects. Using the most current research, methods and products, preventative and therapeutic treatments will only be applied as needed. After each visit you will receive a report outlining the pests and plants that were treated as well as any additional recommendations your technician may have.

Compared to traditional programs, this approach allows us to use 90% less chemicals on your property. This encourages a natural ecosystem on your property and reduces the environment impact, giving you peace of mind.

Prescription Treatments for Insect and Disease

Not all clients need to be on a full Guardian Program, and many issues can be addressed with a single treatment. Prescription treatments are targeted for a specific pest or disease. Your Consulting Arborist will help identify specific issues on your property, discuss the various options with you and provide you with a written plan.

Nutrient Management

All plants require the proper amount of light, oxygen in the soil, water and nutrients to thrive. The required amount of nutrients will vary between species of plants, existing soil conditions and the pH of the soil. Your Consulting Arborist will look for visual signs of nutrient deficiencies and may also recommend taking a soil sample while on site. Soil samples are sent to a private lab to be analyzed so that the proper fertilizer can be used, specific to your plants’ needs. Application of most nutrients is performed as liquid that is injected directly into the soil, where it can easily be absorbed by the roots of the plant.

Root Care

The root systems are just as, if not more important to the overall health of trees and shrubs. Root issues are one of the number one leading causes of tree decline, lack of vigor and death. Issues with the root system is also one of the primary reasons trees blow over during storms. Although we cannot see what is going on below ground, our Consulting Arborist are experienced in observing symptoms, even ones that you may not be aware of, throughout the canopy of the tree or along the trunk that are indicative of problems below ground.

Whether its treating root rot, addressing compacted soil or removal of stem girdling roots we can help. Your Consulting Arborist will discuss their observations and work with you to develop a plan.

Talk to a Consulting Arborist

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