Shrub Pruning

Professional Shrub and Ornamental Pruning in Richmond, VA

Generally, the pruning performed by most landscapers on your ornamentals shrubs is focused on aesthetics and keeping the shrubs a certain size or shape. While this is certainly important to maintain regularly, the shrub pruning that Arborscapes performs is focused more on the plant’s health. Routine sheering of plants creates a thick outer shell of growth, reducing the amount of needed air and light to the plants’ interior. This environment creates an ideal habitat for pests and insects and ideal conditions for disease and pathogens.

By selectively hand pruning shrubs, your goals of maintaining a certain size or shape can be achieved while promoting the plant’s natural structure and habit, ultimately creating a happier and healthier landscape.

Arborscapes shrub and ornamental pruning are typically performed in the winter months while the plants, insects, and diseases are dormant. Since this is selective hand pruning, the concern with flowering is not an issue. Pruning cuts are made to permanently remove growth where needed, leaving plenty of existing foliage and buds for springtime flowers.