Mission Statement

Arborscapes mission is to earn our client’s trust by providing honest, knowledge-based recommendations and care to increase the safety, value and health of their trees and shrubs while adhering to our core values of Integrity, Family, Drive, Professionalism and Lasting Relationships.

Who We Are

Arborscapes was founded in 2002 with the goal of building lasting relationships with our clients to provide the greater Richmond area with trusted tree and shrub care at the highest level of service. Starting off as a two-man company with owner and founder, Billy Davis, Arborscapes has grown into Richmond’s most trusted tree and shrub care company, contributing the growth and success to people that work here.

Generating and retaining satisfied customers is the lifeblood of our business. We do this by delivering the most knowledgeable and scientific solutions to all tree and shrub care needs. We are proud to have professional ISA Certified Arborists and CVNLA Certified Horticulturalists on staff that focus on improving the safety, health, and aesthetics of our clients’ investment in their landscape.

We specialize in tree and shrub management, including proper pruning and safe tree removal when necessary. Our Plant Health Care department focuses on improving and maintaining the health of your trees and shrubs by addressing insect, disease, and soil issues to help keep your landscape thriving. We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal and dedicated clients and building relationships with future clients.

Our Core Values


We seek to create the highest level of trust between our team members, clients, and community.


Our business environment encourages an enjoyable, family-oriented work place for our team members.


We continuously strive to work hard, learn, and improve.


We treat our work not just as a daily job, but also as a profession, holding each other accountable to the highest standards in the tree care industry.

Lasting Relationships

All of our Core Values combine to achieve our ultimate goal of creating relationships that last. We want Arborscapes to be the place where clients return each year for trusted service provided by our great people.

Our Core Values In Action

We believe that it is part of who we are to provide you peace of mind by keeping your trees and shrubs safe, beautiful, and healthy.

We do this through strong relationships with our clients and our expert staff of Arborists and Horticulturists.

Our services all start with our ethical consulting process, where we partner with you to make the best possible decisions for managing your trees and shrubs while staying in budget and on time.

Our Vision

Every business needs to establish a vision that focuses on future possibilities. We aspire to change an industry into a profession and to be recognized as the leader and trusted by our community.

Our growth will be controlled and driven from the team that we attract and retain. With the right people on our team there is no limit to our growth and the benefits that we can provide for our clients, our community and our profession.


Don't Take Our Word for It!

“Excellent work by dedicated professionals. Work started on time and was finished ahead of schedule. Everyone took extra steps to make sure everything was perfect.”

“Recently we had a tree topple over due to very wet soil.  As sometimes happens, we were out of town and a neighbor called with the news.  Based on outstanding experiences with Arborscapes I called and Billy came to our home, took a look and called me back with the estimate.  I did not hesitate to tell him to do what he thought best.  He and his team did a great job.  I was surprised to get a call back from him saying the work went faster than he expected so the total was less than he had quoted!  That is a level of honesty rarely seen in any business today! Arborscapes has outstanding people with integrity who do excellent work – that is a model for any business!  I do not and have not hesitated to recommend you to everyone.”

Mr. Pelfrey | Midlothian, VA

Don't Take Our Word for It!

“What a wonderful job! The guys systematically took down a 100 year old tree right next to my house! Cleanup made the yard look immaculate! I have already recommended Arborscapes to several friends.”

Mr. Fulton | Richmond, VA

Don't Take Our Word for It!

“The crew was fantastic. They worked with me on the clean up of the Red Tips. They always made sure I was happy with the work, the communication was wonderful.”

The Basalay Family | Midlothian, VA

Don't Take Our Word for It!

“I have known Billy for about 3 years, he has always been available to meet and takes the time to walk the properties. His thoughtful responses reflect a high level of expertise. I am eager to work with him on a project in a new townhome community. The current street tree plan lacks planning and any sort of eye appeal. We are hopeful to move away from what is currently installed and really make an impact on the overall street appeal!”

Mrs. Peacock | Richmond, VA

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