Tree Pruning

Professional Tree Pruning in Richmond VA

We know your trees and shrubs are a huge part of the investment in your property. Not only economically, but at times from an emotional viewpoint as well. We love pruning, whether it be a small Japanese Maple to a large or historic White Oak. The satisfaction and pride that we get from taking care of our client’s trees are easily seen in our team and our work.

It is essential for the safety and health of your trees that pruning is done properly. Too often, we see trees that have been improperly pruned, often resulting in the tree declining or becoming more susceptible to breaking or failing.

Proper pruning can be one of the most important and beneficial things you can do for your trees. Done correctly, it can improve your landscape’s health, longevity, and aesthetics while balancing or mitigating risks. Improper pruning and malpractice can be one of the worst things for your trees, leading to disease, decay, and harmful insect infestation, increasing the risk a tree poses or causing premature decline and death.

Our team comprises passionate and educated ISA Certified Arborists who are highly trained in the art and science of tree and shrub pruning. The whole team works together to preserve our clients’ trees, both young and old.

Benefits of Proper Pruning

A tree’s risk of blowing over or a limb breaking and causing harm or damage can be reduced through proper pruning. Some of the common ways this can be achieved are:

  • Removing larger dead limbs throughout the canopy
  • Identifying weak areas in a tree due to decay, or poor limb attachment
  • Selectively reducing the tip weight or leverage of larger and heavier limbs
  • Selectively thinning the canopy to reduce the windsail and allow more wind to pass through

Trees in the landscape face additional stress compared to their relatives growing in a natural wooded environment. Proper pruning can help mitigate some of the stress and improve the over health of the tree. Some of the common ways this can be achieved are:

  • Removing dead or dying limbs that can be an entry point for insects and disease
  • Removing disease limbs to reduce the spread of pathogens
  • Selective pruning to allow more light to the interior of the tree
  • Pruning to promote proper branch spacing to encourage stronger limb attachment

Our Approach

Working Together for Healthy Trees

Your consulting arborist will meet with you to understand your concerns and goals. From there, they will walk the property and provide you with recommendations, prioritized by safety, health, and then aesthetics. They will discuss their recommendations, educating you, and explaining each aspect so that you can make the most informed decision.

We believe that recommendations are made from the ground, but decisions are made in the tree.

You can feel confident knowing that the men and women of Arborscapes not only have the knowledge and expertise to make these decisions but are professional, courtesy and will treat your property as if it is their own.