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Winter Pruning 101

leah roberts, December 2, 2019

As the Fall season starts to near its end, the dormant season approaches, along with a new opportunity to care for your trees and shrubs: winter pruning.   Many people are often surprised to Read More

The Value of Winter Inspections

leah roberts, November 20, 2019

As the growing season winds down, our arborists begin to look toward the dormant season. Contrary to popular belief, the dormant season isn’t a time when we slow down. It is a time when we take Read More

Beat the Heat – Prevent Wood Boring Insect Infestations

leah roberts, August 20, 2019

The recent dry, hot spell of weather this summer has put trees under a much greater amount of stress than usual. Trees in a stress state are much more attractive to wood boring insects, such as Read More

Crape Myrtle Decline

leah roberts, July 12, 2018

What is Going On with Our Crape Myrtles? The winter of 2018 was unusually cold and harsh on many of our plants and trees, in the Central Virginia area. Unfortunately, this included a large number Read More

Scheduling Treatments with Environmental Guidance

leah roberts, May 24, 2018

Spring starts on the same day every year, and around that time, the weather is generally the same. However, plants and the pests that infest them, are a bit more precise. They need conditions to Read More