When Storms are on the Horizon: Important Things You Can Do

When Storms are on the Horizon: Important Things You Can Do

Each year many of us anxiously scroll through the latest reports on emerging storms starting to swirl in the Atlantic. Thankfully there are a few things we can do to prepare our property for hurricanes.

Turn Off Your Irrigation

It may feel wrong to turn off your irrigation system during these incredibly hot days we are having, but doing this can ensure the soil structure surrounding the root systems of trees is at its strongest. The worst combination for trees during a storm is high winds combined with waterlogged soil. Keeping your soil with the minimal amount of moisture possible prior to a storm is the best practice ahead of the wind and rain. Remember to turn it back on as soon as the storm danger has passed.

Reserve a Room

Hurricane-force winds and wet soil can be damaging or even deadly to homeowners when large trees fall on their homes. If you live in a home that is high-risk for tree collapse damage, it may be best to ride out the storm in a comfy hotel room with your feet up on the bed vs. worrying about a tree trunk coming through the roof. Once the storm has passed, you can then go about evaluating your property. Give us a call if you’d like a game-plan to harden your landscape against the next hurricane.

Give Us a Call

Arborscapes prioritizes current clients when storm events arrive. This is an incredible value for clients who conduct business with us during the year. Not only do they have access to great service for regularly scheduled work, our clients have the peace of mind that they will be at the top of the list should a storm start toppling trees in their neighborhood. We are glad to serve non-clients in need as well, but priority will always come first to current clients during a major event.


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