Things We Look For When Hiring an Arborist: 

Things We Look For When Hiring an Arborist: 

You may be surprised to find that climbing ability ranks low on our list of priorities when it comes to who we hire.  More important than physical skills are the tremendously powerful personal attributes that enable us to be successful. Here are important qualities we look for in choosing whether or not we want someone on our team:

Expertise – There are two types of people we hire at Arborscapes: those who have been arborists for years and those just starting out on their journey to becoming professional arborists.  We don’t expect the same immediate level of expertise right off the bat, but we do look for a pattern of expertise, be they “old hands” or fresh faces.  When evaluating potential candidates, we ask ourselves: In their professional or educational lives have they demonstrated their ability to master a craft or subject and pass it on to others?  Have they sought professional certifications which bring value to our customers?  Expertise is what our clients look for, and why they keep calling us back.

Professionalism – Professionalism is something that is shown in both appearance and in action. Our clients have noticed the appearance and professionalism of our crews and it reflects on our online reviews.  Each day we step into the day-to-day world of our clients, pruning the holly trees in their back yard or taking care of their laurels under their kitchen window.   When a client compliments our crews on their behavior and demeanor on the job, it brings us great pride knowing we are providing both a valuable service and a memorable experience for our clients.

Drive – Someone with drive is someone we need on our team.  We hear amazing success stories from our employees who are caring for enormous heritage trees high above beautiful properties or battling against complex plant health issues each week.  To accomplish this, we need people who are focused on getting the job done right, efficiently and timely.  This passes down savings to our customers and ensures our future business with our clients.  It also gives ourselves the satisfaction knowing we are among the best in the business.

Desire for Teamwork – Without teamwork it would be nearly impossible to do what we do.  Many heads are better than one when removing enormous trees or coming up with a plan to tackle an emerging plant pest problem.  Teamwork is what has made us successful in our industry and enables us to be more effective than our own individual parts working alone.  We solve our clients’ problems by working together, coming up with a strategy, and helping each other execute it.  It’s a great way to work, and it gives us a great feeling at the end of the day.

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