More Information on Scheduled Treatments

You do not need to be home during the service. However, please make sure gates are unlocked, people and pets are inside, and cars are parked away from the treatment area.

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What to Expect:

  • Social distancing for your safety and ours.
  • A courtesy call from your technician with an ETA.
  • A knock on your door if your technician was not able to reach you by phone.
  • An email that includes the invoice and a report summarizing pests scouted for and treatments performed.


What if it Rains?

  • Our technicians are well trained and understand which applications they can effectively do before, during, and after rain.
  • Spray treatments only require about 15 minutes to dry before the product is absorbed into the leaves or bark.
  • Soil injections can be completed in the rain.


For Your Safety,

  • We use less product by targeting specific pests and plants rather than a broad blanket spray.
  • People and pets may return outside after giving the product ample time to dry.