Five Reasons to Remove a Tree on Your Property

Five Reasons to Remove a Tree on Your Property

Here are five reasons why you may need to remove a tree on your property:

Old Age

Trees have a natural lifespan that can be measured either in tens or hundreds of years. Eventually all trees reach the end of their species lifespan. Sometimes trees can be preserved or even rejuvenated if they appear to be struggling. At other times it is more cost-effective to bring it on down.

Pests / Disease

Borer beetles can move in almost immediately once they sniff out a weakened or declining tree. Diseases with unsettling names such as “Sudden Oak Death” can also take hold. Conditions such as drought make it very difficult for trees to resist diseases and pests. Consider services such as preventative borer treatments to keep stressed trees protected.

Poor Soil Conditions

Like us, trees need specific nutrients to keep them going year after year. Without them, trees’ defenses are weakened. Disease and pests follow soon after. Services such as fertilization or root zone aeration give your trees the soil they loves to grow in.


We like trees more than anyone, but let’s be honest, sometimes they can just get in the way. Taking down a tree for increased visibility at your home or business may be a way to boost property value. Consider any benefits the tree may provide first such as shade, beauty, etc.


If you live under trees a wind storm or hurricane can be a harrowing event. Occasionally we recommend a tree comes down to prevent damage to home. We like our trees around here and actually try to care for them, so we don’t immediately default to taking a tree down. Our Consulting Arborists can give you expert recommendations about whether a tree should stay or go.

Our ISA Certified Arborists pride themselves in completing the removal with minimal impact to your property. Give us a call for your next tree removal.