Tree of the Month- Deodar Cedar

Tree of the Month- Deodar Cedar

Cedrus deodara

What do you think of when you imagine a divine tree? For Hindus, the Cedrus deodara comes to mind. In fact, the name Deodar derives from Sanskrit, and translates to something equivalent to“timber of the gods”. This species cultural significance doesn’t end there; several Hindu legends refer to the Deodar Cedar, as well as a divine forest consisting of these beautiful trees.

Deodar Cedars are native to the Himalayas—but they are certainly present in Virginia! If you’ve ever visited the Children’s Farm at Maymont, you will be greeted by a large Deodar Cedar! Our crews have also been lucky enough to venture into some of these large, majestic trees to get some proper pruning done.

Deodar Cedars are an evergreen tree, meaning they keep their foliage year-round. They do well with milder winters, and typically grow in Hardiness zones 7-9 (Virginia is in zone 7). For us in Virginia, it is most likely that we will see them grow between 40-70 feet in height, but they are known to grow to over 200ft in their native Himalayas!

If you or someone you know has a Deodar Cedar that needs special attention, please feel free to contact us, so that one of our Consulting Arborists can provide you with an evaluation of its health!