Stem Girdling Roots




Notice the way the roots encircle the base of the tree, constricting the area and cutting into the trunk.

Stem Girdling Roots are a form of abnormal root systems that grow against the trunk of a tree, squeezing and compressing it so that the flow of water and nutrients is interrupted. Trees with stem girdling roots decline in health, and usually need additional attention to protect them from the diseases and insects that they will be more susceptible to in their adverse state. Trees that have girdled roots also tend to have poorly anchored root systems, leaving them more likely to become uprooted during storms. Girdling roots are usually formed as a result of improper planting techniques. Planting new trees too deep, or piling mulch against the trunk can encourage roots to grow in a fashion that would cause compression of the trunk.

To correct stem girdling roots, we preform root collar excavations. A root collar excavation is the removal of compacted soil and mulch from against the trunk of a tree. To safely remove this compacted soil, we utilize the air spade, which blows away access soil with compressed air. Once compacted soil is removed, the roots can be easily accessed and tended to.

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