Prescription Fertilization

Fertilizer is an important step in plant health and quality. There are 16 essential nutrients for plant growth. In a natural setting these nutrients are readily available to the plant; however, in an urban setting or landscape it may be necessary for these nutrients to be manually applied. Because over fertilizing has such a harsh impact on the environment, Arborscapes is committed to prescription fertilization. 

What is Prescription Fertilizing?


What Prescription Fertilizing means is before fertilizing, a  sample will be taken for soil testing, which will later be sent to a laboratory to determine the amount of nutrients needed. Plants may show signs of being nutrient deficient but an incorrect soil pH could be preventing nutrient uptake. This is something that would only be detected through a soil sample. By utilizing available scientific practices, Arborscapes can not only fertilize, but fertilize specifically to the needs of your property.

Request Tree Fertilization In Richmond, VA

If you’re located anywhere in the greater Richmond, VA region, let Arborscapes take care of your trees. Our prescription fertilization service applies only the essential nutrients your trees need to survive. Contact us for an appointment so we can conduct a soil sample to identify exactly what kind of fertilizer your trees need.