Construction Preservation

Construction Fencing

Construction Fencing

Construction preservation is increasing in popularity as we continue to remove and kill trees through construction. Luckily, there are
measures that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of tree death or failure, and not just on large projects!

At Arborscapes we define construction as any alteration above or below ground on your property, as well as on neighboring properties. This includes irrigation and utility installation, sidewalk or patio installation, any excavation or addition of soil, home construction or additions, and the list goes on. Arborscapes will work with you to help analyze the site and determine the best way to achieve your goals while minimizing the impact on your trees.


  • Tree inventory
  • Planning, design, negotiations
  • Removals
  • Establishing material staging sites
  • Insect control, pruning, fertilizing and other tree care needs
  • Fencing construction or barriers around preserved trees


  • Communication and education
  • Protection barriers and zones
  • Root pruning and trenching
  • Maintenance of fencing
  • Monitoring tree health
  • Tree care

Post Construction

  • Communication and education
  • Ongoing protection
  • Tree care