An Ounce of Prevention

“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” – Benjamin Franklin Spring is right around the corner. Can you feel it? Central Virginia is certainly playing her usual game of beautiful, Read More

Crape Myrtle Decline

What is Going On with Our Crape Myrtles? The winter of 2018 was unusually cold and harsh on many of our plants and trees, in the Central Virginia area. Unfortunately, this included a large number Read More

Bagworms can be Pesky Pests

Bagworm caterpillars are abundant in Virginia, and get their name from their spindle-shaped bags, which are sometimes mistaken for pine cones, that hang from trees. These bags are where the next Read More

Prepare Your Trees for Storm Season

One of the biggest challenges we deal with each year, is preparing our clients’ yards for hurricanes and heavy storms. These violent weather events can cause catastrophic damage if left Read More

Scheduling Treatments with Environmental Guidance

Spring starts on the same day every year, and around that time, the weather is generally the same. However, plants and the pests that infest them, are a bit more precise. They need conditions to Read More

Living with Leaf Spot

Millions of Spores… While we are busily tending to our early spring gardens, millions of fungal spores are all around us! During the spring months, these spores are eagerly awaiting a new Read More

Tree of the Month- The Devil’s Tree

In honor of Halloween, this October’s tree of the month is a sinister looking tree located in the vicinity of Bernards Township, New Jersey. Local legends surrounding this tree are full of Read More

Tree of the Month- The Tree of Life

What’s approximately 400 years old, stands in the middle of the Desert, but has abundant green leaves? If you said the Tree of Life, you’d be right! The ‘Tree of Life’ is actually a species of Read More

Fertilizing: Spring and Fall

At Arborscapes we fertilize in both the spring and the fall, and we find that fertilizing either time of year is beneficial to your trees and shrubs. However, the benefits do differ depending on Read More

Tree of the Month- The Bristlecone Pine

The Bristlecone Pine is a highly resilient species with a long lifespan. Broadly referring to what is actually three different species, Bristlecone Pines all thrive in harsh environments with Read More