What The Fungus On Your Trees Is Telling You…

Hazardous trees aren’t always obvious to the untrained eye, but with the right knowledge you can be aware of the warning signs that often indicate that tree failure is imminent. Plant diseases often contribute some form of decline for your tree’s health and aesthetics, but certain diseases (especially those that are left untreated for many seasons) weaken trees enough to create hazardous situations that could lead to bodily harm or harm to your property.


Plant diseases that are left unchecked often contribute to weakened tree structures. In many cases, Fungi can be an indicator that a diseased tree is well on its way to becoming a hazard. Fungi are capable of infecting a tree either through a wound, or by rotting the root system directly. The fungi then produce enzymes that decay areas of the tree, creating nutrients for the fungus. This greatly decreases the strength of the wood fibers, and as internal portions of the tree weaken the likelihood of structural failure increases. As the health of your tree declines you may notice things like a thinning, asymmetrical canopy. Smaller limbs may begin to fall out of the tree, followed by larger limbs dying and falling, and eventually (and specifically in cases of root rot) the entire tree may fall.


Rotten to the core!

Avoiding this can be as simple as meeting with one of our Consulting Arborists and having them evaluate the health and structure of your trees. Annual inspections of your trees and shrubs can help avoid hazards, keep your trees healthy and happy, and give you the peace of mind you should have when enjoying your outdoor spaces. Already have fungi growing on your trees? Call us today to set up an appointment with a consulting arborist!