Splitting under the stress of tree hazards?

There’s no denying the beauty and interest in the variations of tree trunks and formations, but interesting aesthetics don’t  always translate into strength and safety- Your favorite tree that your family and friends might enjoy climbing or playing under may be more of a hazard than you realize. It is not uncommon for trees to grow in a fashion where their physical structure can no longer support their own weight, or excessive loads from wind energy. When a union that is prone to failure is subjected to an excessive load the union can fail from the stress, resulting in damage to the tree, your property, and possibly yourself or your family.

cabling tree

Cabling and Bracing is a method we have available to us to help reduce the likelihood of trunk or limb failure.  These cables and bracing rods are meant to help redistribute stress within the structure of the tree while supporting branches, trunks, and unions that may be considered too weak to function properly on their own.  This is a great option for mature trees in order to avoid removal of large branches or the entire tree.

CrotchTree’s with multiple trunks, V-shaped unions, large low branches growing horizontal to the canopy, and trees with splits or cracks are all great candidates for cabling and bracing—especially if they are in sensitive areas such as outdoor living spaces or near children’s playsets. If you have trees with questionable structure, have a Certified Arborist come take a look. It always pays when you invest in safety!